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Screen Printing

  • We have both manual and semi-automated printing systems.
  • A wide variety of colors, glosses, chemistries and ink types are available.
  • We also offer stenciling, rubber stamping, decal application and other means of part marking.
  • We have the capability to print on cylindrical parts, canisters and tanks
  • Military marking specifications processed per MIL-STD-130 & A-A-56032.


Silk screening, or more commonly known these days as Screen Process Printing, is a clear & concise part marking process where ink is applied through a emulsion filled screen onto a clean non-recessed surface. Screens are made of fine mesh polyester or nylon (used to be silk) pulled tight on a frame. Customers provide artwork, preferably electronic, to make the film. Vectorized artwork is critical for clarity. Electronic artwork is normally submitted in eps (Adobe Illustrator) or pdf file formats. We then use this artwork to make films directly or may need to configure film layout if not provided in the artwork. If artwork is not provided, our design team can create artwork and typesets from scratch.  once proofed, the film is used to shoot the screen. Film leaves open meshing through the emulsion of the screen where the ink can be pressed through onto surface for printing. The rest of the screen is left filled in with emulsion to prevent ink from depositing through screen where ink/artwork is not desired on surface.

We typically use 2 types of inks; enamels & thermoset inks. Thermo-Set Screen Ink is a high solids, high gloss solvent-based screen ink. A single component, cross linked product formulated for printing on pre-coated metal surfaces. exhibits excellent resistance to many solvents, chemicals, humidity and abrasion. specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility and inter-coat adhesion.

Enamel Screen Ink is a solvent-based enamel ink formulated to screen print on a wide range of hard-to-adhere-to surfaces such as glass, metal, wood and some plastics for outdoor signs and displays.