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Contact Information

Contact Giering Metal Finishing

Phone (203) 248-5583

Fax (203) 248-3286

Metal Finishing Sales & General Inquiries, Estimating

Leslie Thompson (Estimating) by phone at x112 in Hamden

Dee (Drashti) Upadhyay (Estimating) by phone at x109

Primary sales managed by George Giering (President) at x114

Or email general inquiries to

Technical Metal Finishing Inquires  – Job/Product Related

Bob Hammond (Vice President of Technology & System Operations) by phone at x115

Quality Control Inquiries

Dio Lopez by phone at x122 in Hamden

Or general email inquiries at

Job Status & Production Related Inquiries

Tim Endriss (Vice President of Planning, Procurement & Environmental Health & Safety/General Manager) by phone at x113 in Hamden

Or email general inquiries to

Shipping/Logistics & Transportation Inquiries

Cheryl Monaco (Shipping & Receiving Manager) by phone at x118 in Hamden
Or email general inquiries to

Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable Inquiries

Daisy Tipps by phone at x110 in Hamden

Robert Yucker at x108 in Hamden

Or email general inquires to

Beth Ross at x111 in Hamden

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