Liquid Metal Coating Services


Liquid coating refers to the most traditional finishing application of wet paint. There are still many uses for wet spray applications: fancy finish colors unable to be reach via powder coating (like for autobody), specific texture patterns unique to paint, soft suede finishes, wood coatings, plastic coatings, and other non-bakable material finishes. Like painting your house, liquid paints offer the most abundant array of colors in any gloss (ie Pantone Matching System (PMS), Munsell, RAL & more) and can easily match custom appearances where as powder coats require minimum batches at fairly expensive prices.

Liquid coating systems can be smooth or textured. Textures can be applied in a variety of sizes ranging from fine, medium to rough/heavy texture and can also vary in population density. The texturizing process is a 2 step process; first a smooth base layer of paint is laid down as a foundation followed by a subsequent top coat layer of texture using lower air pressure settings & by thickening up the viscosity of the paint.

Laquer, latex, waterborne/water-based & oil based/solvent borne enamels, polyurethanes, acrylics, alkyds, epoxies, Teflons, dry film lubricants all fall under the wet spray category. Most military finishes are still wet spray like CARC (Chemical Agent Resistant Coating).

Compliant paint systems are more environmentally friendly than non-compliant. Compliance is critical in the United States of America’s finishing industry and is regulated by the materials VOC rating. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds and basically refers to the amount of solvents the material emits into the air when atomized by conventional spray equipment.


– Giering Metal Finishing can accommodate one to millions of parts for liquid coating
Giering Metal Finishing offers automated coating linesĀ (conveyorized & chain-on-edge) for high volume jobs, semi-automated lines for medium volume jobs & manual batch spray systems for short run jobs
– Our liquid paint suppliers offer a wide variety of colors, glosses & chemistries to meet your coating needs.
– O
ur liquid paint suppliers offer color & gloss matching services as a standard practice for liquid paint systems in any Pantone Matching System (PMS) color , Munsell color, RAL color OR any custom color specific to your application when the standard material selections do not meet your requirements. Unlike powder coatings, liquid paint systems can be provided to match any color or gloss without extended lead times, higher unit costsĀ  or minimum purchases quantities.
– Military paint specs processed see spec page.
– Automotive paint specs processed see spec page.